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Jalissa, 23, American (expat). Current: Florida. Permanent(?):Tianjin, China. I'm working on a healthier me, body and mind. I like sharing my feelings~. I'm also kinda into politics/feminism/racial issues. I like running, looking at food I can't eat on the internet, complaining about China and talking about how much I miss living in Japan. Forever in a long distance infused relationship, Florida State grad, languages are my thing, mixed, aspiring writer/teacher, forever finding new things to do with my life, and currently sexually frustrated. I promise I'm a nice person so feel free to talk to me about anything!


where do humans fit in?

Okay but, uh, that frugivore is def a picture of a monkey and monkeys not only eat meat, they’ve been know to eat each other.
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do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”

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My dad is a diver, he used to dive with seals and he said that they would just play around you and basically they were just mermaid dogs 


mermaid dogs
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Were you guys aware that Pornhub has ACHIEVEMENTS? BECAUSE I WASN’T.
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Do authors cry when they kill the best character or do they smile, laugh and have a cup of tea with satan

the difference between jk rowling and george rr martin 

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fuck anyone that makes you feel like you’re not enough. skinny enough, attractive enough, smart enough, etc. fuck them in the ass with a 12’ black dildo. wake up every morning and dress however the fuck you want, wear makeup, don’t wear makeup, shave every hair on your body or never shave once. eat stuffed crust pizza all damn day or eat nothing but fucking salads. no one on the face of this earth is allowed to make you feel like you’re not one bad ass sexy bitch.

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A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow
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"The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three." - (via h-albschlaf)

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I just don’t understand when people try to argue with you and they just literally don’t read? Like what are you doing besides misquoting/understand shit that it literally right in front of you.