Bye-Bye Miss Jelly

Jalissa, 23, American (expat). Current: Florida. Permanent(?):Tianjin, China. I'm working on a healthier me, body and mind. Body positive and I believe mental health is much important than your weight. I like sharing my feelings~. I'm also kinda into politics/feminism/racial issues. Runner, Florida State grad, mixed, language lover, Japan is my 2nd home, forever in a long distance infused relationship, and aspiring teacher/writer.

I promise I'm a nice person so feel free to talk to me about anything!

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If Fox thinks that a Muslim can’t write a book about Christianity

would they agree that men can’t write legislation about women?



I love this because it tells you to eat what you’re craving instead of something healthy that is in the same realm of flavour. Moderation not deprivation.
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"Fuck, my tea." - me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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every character is a queer character if you try hard and believe in yourself

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why do old people drive slow they barely have any time left like GOOOOO ur dying


life goal: go shopping and never look at the price tag.

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i need a hug right now also five hundred thousand dollars in cash

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